Top 5 rules for kids to use phone


The entire world is addicted to the cell phone. Whether the mobile makes our life easier, but it is also the reason for many difficulties of our life. Not just Youngsters but kids too have a very inclination towards the phone. We can’t deny this fact that phone makes the kids smarter but it is important to make sure that your kid is completely aware with the usage of the phone. If we do not tell children the right way to use the phone then it can be fatal for them.

So if you thinking to buy a phone for your child, then please let the kids know the rules given below.

5 Important Rules that every parent and kids have to familiar with:

Plan A Schedule For Your Kid

It is important to make a schedule for your kids and let them know when they can utilize the phone. Create a schedule and mention that how many times they can use it in a day. Also make sure that your kids follow this schedule.

Picture and Video Messages

Let your kids know if picture and video messages are include in the schedule. Tell them what is appropriate and what not. Discuss with them about the forbidden behavior including the sexting and tell them that their inappropriate deeds can ruin their life.

Limit their Downloads

Set a limit on downloads and instruct them to ask you before downloading. Whether they need to download about education or entertainment, they must have to get permission from you. Teach your kids the safety rules for downloading anything.

Teach them about the unknown numbers

Create a list of numbers for your kid and mention all the required numbers in it. Also make your kids aware about the unknown numbers and how it can lead them to the disaster.

Avoid cell phones while driving

Tell your kids that do not use phones while driving the cars or bikes as it is illegal and can be the subject of the accident or any other related problems. Your kids must be very well familiar with all the essential state laws of using the phone.

Bonus Points

  • Make a rule to no use phone while having dinner
  • Do not sleep by keeping the phone near your bed
  • Make sure that your kid must know what to post or not on the social media
  • Tell them to be careful while using the phone near the water and be gentle with the screen as its repair can be expensive
  • Instruct them that which application is appropriate for them or which isn't

One more thing to remember is that every parent has to be very kind and polite with their kids. You also have to follow all the rules of using the phone and try not to give your children a chance to see you damaging the rules.