Top 20 facts of the smartphones

Mobile phones are the most integral part of our life. We have been so used to the phone that we cannot think about our existence without mobiles. Phone turned into the most essential thing in our personal and professional life. You can find several brands in the market that provides a list of superb models.

We all know that the first phone invented by the Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, but apart from that there are a few others actualities are available that may in any case obscure.

Here we bring the list of top 20 facts that everyone must have to be familiar with:

  1. The Nokia 1100 was the most selling cell phone. There are more than 250 million Nokia phones sold at that time.
  2. Over 41% of people despise when you didn't pick their telephone, particularly when you have just messaged them.
  3. “Ahoy” was the original greeting word used on the phone but after some time Thomas Edison suggested the “Hello” word to greet people over the cellphone.
  4. As per the reports, 50 billion messages are relied on to be sent every day.
  5. The price of the very first phone is $4000 in the USA, 1983
  6. The very first phone call made by the Martin Cooper in 1973
  7. Mobile phones have multiple time greater number of bacteria than the toilet
  8. 90% mobiles are waterproof in Japan
  9. Mobile phone radiation is the major reason for Insomnia and headaches
  10. 70% of the cell phones are made in China
  11. The first telephone directory was only a one-page long
  12. 5% of the people still utilizing the pay bills
  13. 57% of people utilized their cell phones as an alarm system
  14. 130 billion apps are downloaded by the users
  15. T-mobile G1 was the first android phone in 2008
  16. iPhone sold 340,000 devices per day which makes it the highest selling phone of that time
  17. Facebook is the most downloaded app until now
  18. According to the research, most of the people use phone for playing the game or either utilized for social media
  19. Iphone4 was the first selfie phone
  20. 90% of text messages read within 3 minutes of delivery.

So these are the facts about the smartphones that you should share with your friends. For more such interesting articles, stay in touch with us.