New Emojis That Are Coming In 2019


Have you ever used emojis while doing chat with your friends? Almost all of us utilizing it in our chat because it adds more fun in using social media. Sometimes, when you have no words to express yourself and at that time you can use these emoticons that can perfectly explain your visions or thoughts. This is the reasons that Unicode Consortium (non-profit corporation who design and develop the emoji’s or emoticons) releases multiple emoji’s to add in all the social media platforms.

So here is another list of emoji of 2019 has now been approved by the Unicode Consortium and coming with the 230 new emojis this year. It will include the previous one such as otter, waffle, flamingo, sloth, temple, mate and guide dog, etc.

As per the Emojipedia, you will get some changes in your emoticons like you will also find the several new hearts, circle and square emoji’s that come with the different colors. They are also launching a white heart emoji that has a huge request from the people. Additionally, black also came in the popular addition in 2016. 

Apart from that, you can also find emojis to represent people with several disabilities such as gender-inclusive couples and other mix skin tone emojis with a total of 71 new variations. All in all, Unicode is going to launch 59 diverse new emoticons and 75 gender variant emojis in 2019. All these new emojis with pictures can be found on the Unicode consortium website.

Here is some of the 2019 Emoji List

  1. Yawning Face
  2. Pinching Hand (skin tones)
  3. Hearing Aid Ear (skin tones)
  4. Deaf Person (skin tones)
  5. Deaf Women (skin tones)
  6. Mechanical Arm
  7. Mechanical Leg
  8. A man with probing cane (skin tones)
  9. Women with probing cane (skin tones)
  10. Man in a motorized wheelchair (skin tones)
  11. A woman in motorized wheelchair (skin tones)
  12. People holding hands
  13. Guide dog
  14. Orangutan
  15. Sloth
  16. Otter
  17. Garlic
  18. Onion
  19. Waffle
  20. Oyster
  21. Beverage box
  22. Ice cube
  23. Hindu temple
  24. Auto Rickshaw
  25. Parachute
  26. Shorts
  27. Ballet Shoes
  28. Banjo
  29. Drop of blood
  30. Razor
  31. Brown Heart

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