Sell your mobile phone

At Handsetrecycle, simply follow these few simple steps to sell your phone at the best price:

  • Choose your phone model
  • Register your device
  • Pack your phone in any box
  • Send it to us
  • Next, you will receive the payment for the phone you sold

Once we receive your device, we will make the payment to your PayPal account or bank account on the same day. is one of the best places where you can make more money by selling your old mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and consoles.

Recycling old devices (such as cell phones, laptops, and tablets) is more environmentally friendly than just throwing them away when not in use.

Every year, many new mobile phones will be launched in the UK market, and many people hope to upgrade their mobile phones with new features to make everyday life easier. Therefore, when buying a new smartphone, we recommend that you sell your old phone and earn cash on it.

You can sell old phones at amazing price

You can earn a few bucks by selling old phones. How much you can earn by selling your old phone, is depend entirely on how good your phone is. For example: if your phone is in good working condition and there is no problem, then you can make more money. If there is a problem with your phone, then you will get less cash.

So, in order to get a good amount on your phone, make sure your phone is in good working condition without any screen scratches or water damage.

Sell your old phone for cash, when you are buying a new phone.

We buy broken phones

Yes. At Handsetrecycle, you can sell your broken, faulty, old, used, cracked and defective mobile phones at the best price. But before selling you need to delete all the data from your phone including pictures, contact numbers, Gmail/email accounts or your business accounts that are linked with any apps.